What is Fastlane?
The FastLane website is a secure, online interface that allows users to apply for the Motion Picture Tax Credit Program electronically and submit supporting data and files for productions directly to the Office of Entertainment Industry Development.

What Incentives are available?
Motion Picture Industry Development Tax Credit
Digital Interactive Media and Software Development Incentive

What can my company do in Fastlane?
File, Save, and Submit Film Applications for Motion Picture Production Tax Credits.
Submit Film Support Documentation such as budget reports, expense reports, audits, employment/payroll data, etc.
Track the status of submitted applications and support documentation
Review history of past and current applications and support documentation
Online credit card and echeck payment for applications

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For help please contact the FastLane Helpdesk or call (225) 342-3000.

If you need help using FastLane, click here to download the Online User's Manual.

Where do I start?
Click here to register as a new user, if you have never used the FastLane website. If you already have a Film account, enter your username and password in the login box.

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